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Say that they were Cherokees without Requierd to swere So left the fort and & and marcht till dark & took up Camp at a plantation upon a branch of the Little River. We continued there that night Next morning being Tuesday the 22nd Inst we marcht from that place to Blackwater we East Diner With them marcht of again to Robt Joneses plantation on the head of pig River and tarryed there that night. Next morning being Wednesda 23rd Inst. they Delayed time in the morning and we had nothing to Eat the Company had some Rum to Drink but myself and 4 more left the Company & went a crofs By Gobleingtown & came to Mayo fort that Night the Capt and the rest of the men tells us that they came to Hickeys fort that Night & Next Day to Mayo fort I remember No more Worth making a remark of so Courteous Reader I Remn yr &c John Echols