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[center column] 424 Alice (a mulatto woman) vs Peter Mortey & Saml. Edelen } Bill Done 1820.Novem. Term 17th day. By consent of parties it is ordered that the Marshall of the District of Columbia, do hire out the petitioner for the best hire he can obtain until the final decision of this case & report to the Court how he [affixed? applied?] the proceeds of the hire. [right column] 1821. May Term 19th day Continued Novem. Term 33d [day?] Genl. demurrer to the Bill and Joinder in Demurrer & Contd. 1822 May Term 24th day Continued 1823 May Term 15th day Continued Nov: Term 22nd day Continued 1824 May Term 26 day. Demr. Overruled & Deft ord. [ordered] to ans. on or before 1st day next term. [left column] 1824 Novem. Term 15 day Ordered that the sd. Alice be set free, & that Saml Edelen do make & Execute a deed of Emancipation & that sd. Matey be & is perpetually injoined from exercising & sitting up any claim to sd. Alice Nov 7 1824 Pr 3