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she herefore prays has she may be permitted to sue in forma pauperis for the recovery of her freedom. Sworn to in open Court Decr. 20th 1819 Wm. J. Lee C.C.

Upon the statement of facts verified by the affidavit of the petitioner & when from the advanced stage of the term no time is left to obtain additional testimony of the facts set forth, I should be of opinion per the petitioner has reasonable ground upon which to sustain a suit in the way prayed for - at least in a Court of Equity. Thomson F Mason

424 Alice (a mulatto woman) vs Peter Mortly } petition Mr. Mason assigned as counsel - & process to issue 1819 Novem: Term 19th day Habeas Corpus issued & on petition filed, leave is granted to sue for freedom T. F. Mason assigned as counsel & ordered that Peter Morte enter into Bond with security with condition etc. 1820 Apl. Term 18th day Continued