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Haynes, but from this they are prevented by the said Milly who has intermarried with Stephen Day, and Hannah who has intermarried with Joshua Jones refusing to consent to the same, all which actings and doings are contrary to equity and good conscience and tend to the injury and oppression of your Orators and Oratrixs. In tender consideration whereof and for as much as your Orators and Oratrixs are remediless in the premises without the interference of a court of equity - To the end therefore that the said Milly and Stephen Day her husband, and the said Hannah and Joshua Jones her husband may be made Defendants to this bill, and true and perfect answer make [to] the allegations therein contained [illegible-torn] may it please the court to grant to your Orators and Oratrixs the Commonwealth writ of [illegible] directed to the Defendants commanding them to appear and answer and when answered