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May it please the court to decree a division of the lands aforesaid between your Orators and Oratrixs and the Defendants as they are respectively entitled, and may they appoint commissioners for the purpose of carrying the said decree into effect. And give such other and further relief as to the court shall appear just and right and as in duty bound your Oratorsand Oratrixs will every pray & -

The [illegible- torn] Stephen Day and Milly his wife and Joshua Jones and Hannah his wife to a bill in chancery exhibited against them in the County Court of Bedford by Sarah, Sam, Rachel, Isbell, Dinah, Harry, Peter, Ned, George, James, Flanders, Daniel and Anna [illegible-torn] Jesse Noell her Guardian, and Pleasant [illegible-torn] and Washington Infants by Simion Noell their Guardian, and Sophia and Braxton Infants [illegible-torn] Thomas Logwood their Guardian - these Defendants having to themselves all benefits of exception to [note at bottom] All Available Text Successfully Captured