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sold in the lifetime of Testator [told?] The sheriff of Charlotte he left no such negro The testator in his life time had owned a yellow woman called Sall, which he sold to Benjamin Marshall in his lifetime. he also owned an old woman Sarah or Sary who died before him he therefore left neither Sall or Sary. Nelson died before the Testator he left no negro of that name. Your respondent refers to the answer of [Culvain?] Ford the admr & makes it his own so far as your respondent is concerned as a distributee he is advised that not [was?] such of the negroes name in the bill survived Thomas Ford, and a honorably allowed their freedom, [illegible] in the damages at Law or in chancery for their detention in slavery by the curator as admr of Thomas Ford till the contest was decided & they asserted their Liberty Your respondent having fully answered pray to be hence dismissed