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the Complainant to [shew?] Aaron Johnson will & if the negro belonged to them it was their desire to leave her otherwise they would yield up their right if it appeared her claim was better this the Complainant refused to do immediately on this respondent coming into possession of the negro he wrote to the complainant that he was willing to leave it to persons skilled in Law & their decision thereto determine the right the law Idle accordingly came to an agreement was entered into between this respondent & the complainant that the matter should be left to the gentlemen of the bar designated by name afterwards the complainant refused to abide by this agreement unless this respondent would agree to take (in case his title should be determined to be the better title) £72 for the negro worth $400 The negotiation broke off & the Complainant brought his suit in the District Court this respondent has since proposed several times to leave it to the decision of persons acquainted with the Law and did write the paper mentioned in the complainants Bill. This paper was written with a view of taking the suit in the District Court as well as others depending on what this respondent was interested. The [dispute?] "concerning Hagar freedom" as stated in the case note this respondent denies being applicable to the suit brought by her for her freedom but applicable to the defence in the suit in the District Court because this respondent did intend to establish (if his other defence as to the right should not prove effectual) that she was free by the Laws of the Land & that therefore the plaintiff had no property in her. This respondent further states that the said negro woman from some information which she obtained through a friend of the complainant was induced to believe she was entitled to freedom & became refractory so that this respondent had to consent her [illegible]