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8 the writs to execute, that the said Philip had fortified himself at Mrs. Ketrons and would not be taken and that the said ward had informed the said Philip of the writs he had against him and that the said Philip said he would not be taken as he could not give security and must go to jail - at this the said Crockett seemed dissatisfied and told the said ward that he might as well have told the said Philip to runaway - but that there was a way he believed to take a man who refused to submit to civil process - that he thot [thought] he ought either to apply to the commandant of the militia or a justice of the peace for a warrant for force to aid him, the said ward replied that he knew of no such law but if the said Crockett would shew it he would make use of it. the said Crockett said he did not know where to find it and was not certain of such a law but that he had known or heard of such an instance and said he should look to the high Sheriff or words to that effect in case due exertions were not made to execute [his?] writ. The said ward delivered the two Writs of the defendant to him with a request that he would give them to Colo. Saunders to execute, but the said Crockett refused to take up his writ, from the said ward to put in the hands of Colo. Saunders. This defendant immediately went to Colo. Saunders with his writs and begs leave to refer to the affidavit of the said Saunders & Ward before refer[r]ed to, for further explanation on this point. This defendant begs leave to state that he was requested by said Saunders to go with him to Ketrons that he would break the door in case Gains did not give up the Negroes, or surrender himself or otherwise secure him, as his special bail. That the said Saunders expected to get to Ketrons before midnight where the