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Idle keep the peace towards all the Commonwealth Citizens and more especially towards Philip Gaines during the year The Commonwealth of Virginia. To the sheriff of Grayson County Greeting. We command you to take Frederick Idle if he be found within your bailiwick and him safely keep so that you have his body before the Justices of our County Court of Grayson on the fourth tuesday in November and to satisfy the Commonwealth the sum of Ten Dollars ninety eight cents which we lately in our said Court have reserved against the said Frederick Idle for costs by us about our suit on that behalf expended Whereof the said Frederick Idle is correct as appears to us of record, And have them there this writ, Witness William Bourn clerk of our said Court the 27th day of October 1808 and 33rd year of the Commonwealth. Wm. Bourn Copies Teste William Bourn N.2.