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The Deposition of William T Wills sometimes called William, Wills of lawfull [lawful] age, being duly sworn, taken at the House of Henry H. Southall in Amelia County on the fifteenth day of February one thousand eight hundred and forty one, agreeable to notice to be read in evidence in a suit now depending and undetermined in the Circuit Superior Court of law and chancery for the County of Campbell, in which suit Louisa Alexander and Eliza Alexander are Plaintiffs and John P White Deft taken by questions and answers.

Question. 1st By the defendant. Were you acquainted with William Alexander, Snr? Answer. 1st I was Question 2nd. By the same Did you sell to William Alexander a negro woman called Louisa and children, and at what price? Answer 2nd. I did and the price I think was five or six hundred dollars Question 3rd By the same. In what year did you sell them? Answer 3d. In the winter of 1830 or 1831 Question 4th By the same. Were you acquainted with William Alexander, Jr., William T. Wills? Answer 4th I was Question 5th By the same. Did William Alexander, Sr. pay you for the negro woman and children? Answer 5th He did. and further more the Deponant [Deponent] sayeth not...

Amelia County to wit the above deposition was taken before me Henry H Southall, one of the Commonwealths Justices of the peace for the County aforesaid. Given under my hand this 15th day of February 1841 Henry H. Southall, J.P.