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according to the direction of Miss Mary M. Garland's will because he said the said Nancy his sister in directing him to be purchased had you decided as to the amount to be paid thinking it not more than $2.00 James M Garland & Nancy had two conversations in regard to this matter one indicating after the death of said Nancy M. Garland and the second just before the expiration of twelve months after the death of said Nancy M & in both the said Nancy stated that she elected to be free if she could have her children and husband to go with her. 3d Question by same Did you ever hear the said James M Garland make any statements about setting free & removing from the state of Virginia the said negro woman Nancy and her children, if so repeat such statement as nearly as you can & when it was made? Answer to 3rd Question Mr. Garland has repeated and as late as June last urged the said Nancy to leave the State of Virginia and be free and the said Nancy through me has so often begged to remain hoping her husband would be allowed to go with her 4th Question by same Do you know the value of Miss Mary M Garlands estate after the payment of her debts? Ans to 4th Question I suppose the said estate at the time of Miss Mary M Garlands death was worth about eight thousand dollars. J. Thompson Jr The foregoing deposition was taken sworn to and subscribed at the time and place mentioned in the caption before me a justice of the peace for the County of Goochland. Given under my hand this 14th day of September 1850 L. R. Argyle Carter Brooks vs Garland et al } Depositions 1850 Sept. 19 Received this Depo from the hands of the Justice before whom it was taken & filed for Plt Nathl W. Miller Clk (ch?)