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Deposition of Frederick Hix taken to be read as evidence in a suit now depending in Chancery in the Circuit Superior Court of Law & Chancery in the county of Goochland between Meshach Hicks Admr of Fielding Brooks Decd Thomas Brooks Senr By the defendant 1 Question Did I not call in Thomas Books Junr to deliver me two negroes Albert & Lewis or Lewie Anwr Yes you did. 2 Did he refuse to deliver them " Answr Yes he did 3 Did I not ask him if he was willing to exonerate Fielding Brooks estate from his & his wife's support, to hire the negroes out for his benefit & his wife's in place of their support from Fielding Brooks estate untill he should deliver them to me Answ " Yes You did 4 Did he not consent to take them in that way Answ: certainly he did Frederick Hicks Sept 30th 1836 Goochland County To wit This day Frederick Hicks made oath before me a justice of the peace for the aforesaid County that the foregoing deposition contained the truth the whole truth & nothing but the truth & that he delivered to Thomas Brooks Junr a true copy of the enclosed notice. Joseph Watkins J.P.