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Johnsons island Apr 12th 64. My Dear Friend, I received your letter nearly a week ago and answered it immediately, but to day it was returned to me as something in it was contraband it is said, but I cannot remember having written any thing that might be considered in that light,-but at any rate I must be more on my guard. I am truly glad to hear that Jimmie is enjoying himself, as I know he did on such an occasion, I would give any thing in reason to have been there with him, for Priss Dillie was a particular friend of mine, I knew her well,had a fine opportunity of becoming well acquainted, as I lived on the adjoining place to her Fathers, some thought that I was [one] of her suitors, but not so, only an adviser & friend. I am glad that she has married one worthy of her. Jim, I suppose will go with my brother to spend some time at the Forest, as Willie in her last letter said she was expecting them. Well some few days ago, I was in hopes of soon being exchanged but now my hopes are low for I can hear nothing deffinite as to exchange from the papers, but hope if you do go to Dixie, I shall at some time be able to see you. I am sorry that you are forced to go, but I know you will be repaid, for then you will be able to see Jim & hear from him more frequently Tell Miss Sarah that Lt H is still here, says he has written frequently, but no answers for sometime past. I must close, & hope this may reach you. give my love to Priss D when you see her. My best regards to each & all Ever Your Friend, C.B. Trevilian