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To the right honorable John Earl of Dunmore his Majesty's Lieutenant and Governor General of the Colony and Dominion of Virginia and Vice Admiral of the same and to the honorable the Council The Petition of George Munro Humbly sheweth That your Petitioner is desirous of obtaining a grant from his Majesty for one thousand [acres?] of Land in Augusta County lying on the west side of the Ohio River and Joining the Improvement & claim of Alexander Ross including all the Improvements made by your Petitioner he having seated the same at a Very great expence and which said Land is not as yet Surveyed. May it please your Excellency and your honors to grant to your Petitioner an order directed to the Surveyor of the said County of Augusta, or to the Surveyor of the said County in which the said Lands may be found to Lie, authorizing him to survey the said Land for the benefit of your Petitioner: and your Petitioner as in duty bound shall ever Pray.