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B William Kerr's admission as a citizen of United States Allan McRae

I Allen Whitworth Escheator for the County of Chesterfield in the State of Virginia, do hereby certify that there escheated to the Commonwealth, by inquisition and office found at Chesterfield Court House on the 12th day of August 1883 a part of Lot No 173 in the Town of Manchester and said County of Chesterfield, lying on the north side of the Main Street leading from Brooke's Tavern to Mayo's Bridge fronting on said street 24 feet, extending back 155 feet. Bounded easterly by McCrue and Manis and westwardly by Cap. Daniel Weiseger, belonging to the estate of William Kerr who was a foreigner and an alien, and died seized and possessed of said part of Lot 173, with a dwelling house, kitchen and stable thereon, leaving no heir or heirs to inherit the same. Allen Whitworth Escheator for Chesterfield County Oct 10 1723 The foregoing is an extract from the said Escheator's Certificate addressed to the Register and filed in the Land office Teste W: Selden Regr Dec 13 1824