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To the honorable Speaker and Members of the House of Delegates. The Petition of David Doyle humbly sheweth, that Richard Smyth, a native of Ireland was, for a long time an inhabitant of the city of Richmond in the Commonwealth of Virginia; that some years ago he migrated to the City and State of New York; where he also became resident; but departed this life in the City and Commonwealth first abovementioned on the nineteenth day of June last past, seized and possessed of a considerable estate both real and personal within the said Commonwealth; having first duly published a nuncupative Will, a transcript whereof authenticated by the signature "Thomas C. Howard." Clerk of the Hustings Court of the said City of Richmond is herewith exhibited. Ireland is also the native county of your Petitioner, who migrated to this country a considerable time ago, and became a resident in the county of Lancaster in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; where he was admitted to the rights of a citizen of the United States in due form by an Act of the Court of Common Pleas in, and