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This Indenture made the 10th day of March in the year 1866 between Capt Lemuel Jeffries of the Freedmans Bureau for Southampton County Virginia, of the one part, and George H Fogg farmer of said county of the other part, Witnesseth, that the said Lemuel Jeffries in pursuance of powers vested in him has put and bound and by these presents does put and bind, George, Viney, and Theophilus Whitfield (coloured) minors and orphans, and being respectively of the ages, George thirteen years, Lavinia, eleven years Theophilus nine years, to be apprentices to the said George H. Fogg to learn the trade and art of farming, and with him to dwell and serve until the two boys George and Theophilus shall attain the age of twenty one, and the girl Viney the age of eighteen years, during all which times, they the said George, Viney and Theophilus Whitfield, their Master shall faithfully serve and obey, and shall not absent themselves day or night from his service without his leave, but shall in all things as faithful apprentices behave themselves toward their master and his family during said