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This Indenture made this "[blank]" day of "[blank]" one Thousand Eight Hundred & Thirty, between John Garret, & Edward Walton overseers of the Poor for District No 2, in the County of Cumberland, of the one part, & Sam'l. Hudson of the said County of the other part, Witnesseth that the said John Garret & Edward Walton, overseers of the poor aforesaid, by virtue of an order of the Court of the County aforesaid, bearing date February 22nd 1830, have put & bound and by these presents do place & bind, William Jenkins, & Eliza Anne Jenkins, Poor children of Colour, being the Children of Jenny Jenkins, a free woman of Colour, of the following ages: Eliza Anne Jenkins was born December 2nd 1820, William Jenkins was born December 23rd 1821, the one Ten, & the other Nine years old last December, to be apprentices with him the said Sam'l. Hudson To dwell from the date of these presents, until the said William & Eliza Anne shall come to the age of Twenty one years, according to the act of the General Assembly in that case made & provided, by & during all which time the said William Jenkins & Eliza Anne Jenkins shall the said Sam'l. Hudson their said Master well & faithfully serve in all such lawfull business as the said Wm & Eliza Anne shall be put unto by their said Master, according to the power and ability of them the sd. William & Eliza Anne, & honestly and obediently in all things behave themselves towards their said Master and Honestly & orderly towards the rest of the family of the said Sam'l. Hudson, and the said Sam'l. Hudson for his part, for himself his Heirs &c doth here by covenant to and with the sd. overseers of the poor and every of them & their successors for the time being, and to & with the said William & Eliza Anne that he the said Sam'l Hudson, shall the said William & Eliza Anne in the occupation of Farming & House Keeping which he the said Sam'l Hudson is now ingaged in inform after the best maner he can or cause to be