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In reply address not the signer of this letter, but Bureau of Naval personnel, Navy Department, Washington, D.C. Refer to No. pers-5340-cmm 20 March 1945 Navy Department Bureau of Naval Personnel Washingtn 25, D.C.

Mrs. Robert R. Hudgins Onemo Post Office Matthew County, Virginia.

Dear Mrs. Hudgins: Receipt is acknowledged of your letter of recent date requesting information concerning maternity care for wives of enlisted men in the Naval service. Since your husband is in one of the first three pay grades, you are not eligible to receive care under the Emergency maternity and Infant Care program sponsored by the Children's bureau of the Department of Labor.

With respect to medical, dental, or hospital care other than that provided under the emergency Maternity and Infant Care program, the Bureau of medicine and Surgery advises that out-patient medical service is provided for the wives, children, and other actual dependents of Naval and marine Corps personnel, but only by naval medical officers at naval dispensaries, naval hospitals, or other Medical Department activities of the Navy where an out-patient service for dependents has been established. Navy Regulations do not provide for dental treatment for the dependents of Naval personnel.

The Navy Department may not authorize, pay for, or assume any responsibility in connection with medical, dental, or hospital care obtained by or for dependents from civilian physicians, dentists, or other practitioners in civilian hospitals, clinics, etc., or in the hospitals or medical facilities of branches of the Government other than the Navy.

In making application for out-patient medical treatment or hospitalization by the navy department proof of dependency must be furnished. In this connection the person in the Naval service on whom you are dependent should obtain from his commanding officer a "Dependent Identification Certificate". This is to be signed and attested by the executive officer or personnel officer and turned ofver to you for the presentation to the medical department activity to which you apply. These forms are honored only at Medical Department activities of the Navy having facilities available for dependent out-patient service. -1-