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Pers-534-cmm 20 March 1945 Since you live in Matthews County, Virginia, which is in the Fifth naval District, the location of the nearest naval dispensary which offers out-patient service to the dependents of Naval personnel may be obtained by writing to the commandant, Fifth Naval District, naval Operating Base, Norfolk, 11, Virginia. The Naval hospitals at Fort Eustis, Lee Hall, Virginia; Naval Operating Base, Norfolk, Virginia; and Portsmouth, Virginia, have been designated by the secretary of the Navy to admit for hospitalization the dependents of naval personnel provided facilities for such care are available. Family allowance benefits have been authorized on behalf of your minor child, Robert Forrest, effective with the month of December, 1944. If not already received, all money due should be received within a short time. By direction of Chief of Naval personnel. Sincerely yours, J.G Merillat Lieutenant, U.S.N.R. Officer-in-Charge, Liaison Section Dependents Welfare Division. -2-