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Order No. 1286 The President of the Provisional Government of the Republic of France Citation by Order of the Army 104th U. S. Infantry Regiment "Valourous [sic] Regiment, already cited during the war of 1914-1918. Was the decisive element on the attack launched by the 26th Infantry Division from the 8th of November 1944 to the 11th of December 1944 in Lorraine. Attacking in the night of 8 November 1944, the 104th Infantry Regiment smashed a powerful line of enemy resistance based on Vic-Sur-Seille. In spite of enemy reinforcements, seized Bennestroff on the 19th of November 1944. The next day, after fierce struggle, took the top of hill 334, the key position of the enemy defensive system, and forced the enemy to evacuate his previously prepared defenses. On the 24th of November 1944, after clearing many mine fields and taking many fortified positions, took Guebling and Schwixx. Took Kalhausen on the 8th of December 1944 and smashed a system of forts of the Maginot Line thus liberating the last parcel of French territory then held by the enemy in this sector. The 104th Infantry Regiment inflicting on the enemy heavy casualties in the course of these different actions; 1428 prisoners, more than 3000 wounded and about 700 killed." Paris, 3 November 1945 Signed: de Gaulle A. Juin