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2 me twice from California. He called last Thursday night. If he can spare the money. I'm sure I don't care - in fact I like to get calls like that. ha you know me. I got a letter from Leo yesterday. He is being shipped out. That's the trouble with having a sailor boy for a friend. he's here today and gone tomorrow. But we can still correspond. Norfolk is supposed to have a big storm sometime tonight. I sure hope that it won't be bad. [Ronie?] and I are going home the 21st for 3 days. Sure wish you could be home too. Well how's your love life these days? Have any secrets? If you did, I bet you aim to keep them that way too. I don't see why people in some towns are so against service men, but you know how a few bad boys ruin the reputation of the next. as for me I love them all - too much.Well, I must stop now and go take my bath, before it gets any later. I started this latter this morning at the office