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FOR VICTORY BUY United States WAR Bonds and Stamps Selective Service System Local Board No. 3 33 Roanoke City 159 Feb 18 803 (Stamp of Local Board) 120 W. Kirk Ave. Roanoke, Virginia Mr. Jack A. Harman, Jr. 320 Mt. View Terrace Roanoke, Virginia. Dear Sir: We are glad to know that you have been Honorably Discharged from the Armed Forces. We welcome you back and assure you that the facilities of this office are available if you want to be reinstated in your old job or desire assistance in securing a new job. We shall be very glad to furnish you with complete information as to your rights and benefits under every phase of the Veterans Assistance Program on you request. Please bring your Discharge Certificate with you. With all good wishes for your future.

Yours very truly John A. Reid, Chairman by Frank L. Patterson Chief Clerk Important: If you desire to get back to the job you had before you entered the Armed Forces, you must apply to your employer within 90 days after your discharge.