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-15- ones at home when I awoke from my day dreams I had before me a mental picture of we kids at home from the first Christmas I can remember (when I got the little tin horn and the older boys the roller skates.) We had a big Christmas dinner today, goose instead of turkey, but everything else including one or more bottles of every thing concocted by the French distillers. It is useless to say that the dinner was a success, yes a flowing one. New Year's day was yesterday and last night I attended one of the most beautiful and impressive services, High Mass in the old Church here. The Church was built in the eleventh century and it is beautiful except for the inconveniences of a dirt floor and no way to heat it. Father Wallace had recuited [sic] a large choir from the regiment and the service was conducted in French by the Cure and by Father Wallace. It is now the middle of March. Winter has about passed and along with it days and events which will never be forgotten. During this time our military program has been much heavier and harder than during any time of our training. The war was over but they must have figured that the "idle soldier was the devil's work shop" for every moment was taken up with some military movement. The principal one being field maneuvers and problems of attack made up by Staff Officers at the Staff School at Langres, while we were fighting and winning the war. There were problems for Regimental, Brigade, Division, Corps, and army attack and as I was operations officer it fell my duty to attend each and every one. I have attended as many as three in one day and bear in mind that during all this time it was raining daily. It started Tuesday