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September 29th. Three days have passed in which history has been made and with it a reputation that any fighting unit could justly be proud of. We are no back of the lines in some of the German trenches we "took" day before yesterday. Upon reaching the Army objective last night, order were received for our relief and we were relived by the 30th Division. Our position was a small system of trenches in front of Bethincourt; to the right was Dead Man's Hill and on our left "Hill 304." Knowing the wonderful view which I would have from the top of Dead Man's Hill, I made it a point to be there for the "opening up" of the barrage. The scene though ghastly, was beautiful and beyond description. Imagine yourself on top of a shell torn hill in the dark and quiet side of a foggy September morning and then for the whole world as it seemed at the same instant to blaze forth its liquid tongues of fire accompanied by deafening roaring crash. From our position we could see for miles and miles and it looked as thought the canons were "hub to hub." It brought to my mind the job about Pat and Mike's first night in America when Pat saw his first fire engine. "While spending their first night in a hotel in America Pat was awakened by the clanging of the fire apparatus passing the hotel. Upon looking out the window to investigate he saw two of the old steamer engines go by and in his excitement he called for Mike to get up quickly as they were moving hell-two loads had just gone by and here comes the third one."