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-2- We went over the top at five thirty on the morning of the 26th, attacking on a front of one kilometer (5/8 of a mile). The barrage was laid down in front of Bethincourt and would creep forward at the rate of two hundred meters every four minutes until it reaches the second position where it would remain for thirty minutes, allowing time for reorganization of our lines and then continue on to the Crops objective. As the day broke we found ourselves "lost" in a heavy fog which did not lift until afternoon. It was like fighting in the dark for you could not see ten feet away. We made good progress all day with very few causalities and in turn captured a great many Huns and some enormous stores and filed pieces. We did not meet with strong resistance until the afternoon of the 27th when we reached the Bois de Donaveaux. We reached our objective on the night of the 28th and were relieved on the morning of the 29th by the 30th Division. As we passed back over the ground which for three days we had offered our lives to gain there was a sudden stillness and quietude in every one. The horrors of it all were there before us in the form of dead bodies of our comrades lying on the battlefield. There was nothing grand, sentimental, or romantic, but instead only a dirty, blood, gruesome job in a hell hole! This was War! Our finer senses could not be awakened for ever before us lay the lifeless forms of mangled bodies in pools of dry blood. These our comrades who had been less fortunate than we! There are several incidents which I will note as