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-5- We had lots of entertainment of this sort in addition to many card from "Jerry."

October 7th. We had received orders to move up in rear of Mont faucon in support of our sister brigade. Such a night as we had, pouring down rain all the way and and when we arrived at our destination we found no dugouts or places of cover. I was busy all night and did not attempt to sleep, but I saw men lie down in the trenches, head up the hill, and wrap their blanket and rain coat over their heads and shoulders and sleep until the water dammed up and flowed over them. This did not even awaken some of them. Some of the men built a small fire in the trench, but as luck would have it they built it over a German grenade which was in the mud. This soon exploded, killing a French artilleryman and one fragment went clear through the stomach of one of the men of Company "C". (Later on while I was in the hospital at Vichy this man came to see me, now perfectly well and on his way back to the front.) Late in the night we received orders to move forward and take over the sector of the front which was now held by the 159nth Brigade and that we would attack at 3:30 in the afternoon, of tomorrow, the 8th. While moving up our newspaper planes came over with the morning news. The papers carried the following in bold black headlines "Central Powers Ask For Peace!" It made good and interesting reading but with the thoughts of 3:30, when our bodies would again be offered as humane targets kept one from realizing what it all meant. We are now in the Nantillois