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-4- clippings from the news papers, so I just laid down on my stomach and spent hours reading and dreaming of home. while here we were treated to a great deal of entertainment by both the Boche and our allied aviators, mostly the former as we hardly knew that we had any. At one time we counted over 120 planes in the air. I did see our planes with the assistance of the anti-air craft and dough boys, bring down four Boche planes, two of which came down in flames. You could easily tell which plane was falling by the cheering of the men. Imagine yourself now cheering a man whose plane, enveloped in flames, is crashing to the earth! It was the game and we were all playing it. The French had an observation sausage balloon just several hundred yards from our mess hall. This one was the furtherest advanced and was the target and objective of all the Boche planes it seemed. They kept the observer for two days busy jumping with his parachute but were not able to bring the sausage down until the last afternoon of teh third day, when out from the clouds dropped a plane firing incendiary bullets. He made a dive at the "sausage" but not one of the hundred shots took effect, so he circled around and made another dive - in a second the "sausage" was a mass of flames and thousands of men with rifles, pistols, anti aircraft and everything, were trying to bring him down, but he was lucky enough out to maneauveur or out luck our shots and returned home to be decorated, I guess. He deserved it for he not only took a big chance but he was game and full of nerve.