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-7- object with a gas attach [attack] last night. The barrage started at twelve o'clock and it was after eight this morning before we could take our masks off. Such a night as we spent! Our Headquarters was in two German pill boxes about ten feet apart. One was of dirt and logs and the other of concrete - the opening of both faced the Boche lines. While in the dirt pill box talking with some of the Headquarters runners, a shell fragment came through. We all of course thought it a time shell and in a second the box was deserted. Upon returning I went to the concrete box; about three A.M. there was a direct hit on top of the pill box, the concussion of which knocked us silly or either scared us crazy - it was an awful noice [noise] and I could feel my wings sprouting. During the night a man from one of the companies came in for medical treatment. He had been shot in the stomach and the bullet had gone entirely through. He had a finger of each hand sticking in the wound holes and in this condition he was yet able to walk unassisted. After daylight we made an examination of where the shall had struck our box and found it had gone through two feet of concrete, then had struck a layer of railroad rails which were inclined downward, the way the shell was travelling and that this had caused the shell to glance down off of the box and into the ground where it exploded. the gas attack has taken its toll not in deaths but burns and temporary blindness to most everyone here at Headquarters. Both Colonels Peyton and Gordon are practically blind. Bob Patterson, our Adjutant, and Frank Russell, our signal officer, have been