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-6- sector and at 3:30 the barrage was laid down on the road running east and west through Bois des Ogons. In moving forward to this position from Montfaucon we had a wonderful panoramic view of the Argonne sector from the Heights of The Meuse on our right, and to forever, it seemed, on our left. We had hardly glanced over the picture when over came a salvo from "Jerry" and we realized at once that we were under direct fire and observation. They made it hot for us all the way down to Nantillois as we were under observation all the way. The slopes of the hill were literally covered with the destruction that had been wrought to both man and beast. The road was practically covered with the remains of horses and wagons and trucks. I would say that there were easily one hundred dead horses along the road. I also saw here at close range my first German plane that had been shot down. The remains were few as the souvenir hunters had made merry of it. The barrage was laid at 3:30 and unknowingly we were going into what later proved to be the "hell hole" of our experience--The Bois des Ogons. A few minutes after A and B Companies had gone into the woods three new Second Lieutenants who had just completed their training and received commissions reported to Headquarters. Col. Peyton told me to assign them to the 1st Battalion which was then attacking. I certainly felt for these poor souls as the runner took them over the hill to Major Williams for assignment to strange associates and in the heat of battle; two of them did not return as they went West that afternoon. October 9th. The Hun did his best to rid this sector of every living