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-11- join in the celebration, which a number of us did. Upon returning to the hospital late that night, four of us found ourselves locked out. We were finally let in and the next morning we four were given orders to entrain that night and return to our regiments. Evidently they figured that if we could celebrate we could fight. Orders were orders so we took our medicine and at eight thirty we four were on our way. A short distance from Vichy we changed to another train as the one we were on did not go to Paris. None of us had ever been there so we were not going to miss this opportunity. Our orders said return to the Front and as "All roads lead to Paris" we knew we could get on a train there that would take us to our destination. While waiting for our train we had time to get a dozen quart bottles of beer and some of all the cheese made in France. Upon getting on the train we got together in a second class compartment and fastened the door so as not to be disturbed-we wanted to enjoy the feast unmolested which we did. Arriving at Paris the next morning the M.P's nabbed us. Of course we had plenty of excuses but none seemed to be valid. Finally they gave us 24 hours in which to find out the location of our units and to get out of Paris. This proved to be too much for me for after taking in the sights and too much inside I awoke the next morning with every cramp in my stomach known to medical science. I knew I had to get out of the city so with the aid of the bell hop and a taxi I made my way to the station and was on my way. The quartet was broken up here and I was travelling by my lonesome. During the day I was taken violently sick and was taken off the train at Is-Sur-Tille and sent