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-13- been attached to the nearest unit. I am leaving today for St. Dizier. I will join the regiment near there as they are hiking back from the front now. Thanksgiving Day and we have every reason to give thanks for we have at last reached the unknown destination for which the regiment has been on a force march for six days. Friday we received orders that our regiment had been designated to be the Presidential escort for President Wilson while he was in France; that we would immediately start on force march orders for our destination which was in C'Ote D'or, with regimental headquarters in Molesme. Force march orders required us to march every day regardless of weather and Sunday, and also from dawn to dark. It also gave us the right of way over all other troops on the road, they having to halt when we caught up with them and let us pass through. This happened when we came upon part of the 26th Division which was from Texas and Oklahoma. From Rivigny our hike (or their hike as I couldnt [sic] stand the march so I accepted most graciously Colonel Peyton's invitation to ride with him and go ahead and help arrange for billets) was to St. Dizier, Wassy, Soulaines, Bar Sur Aube. Bar de Ville (we were the first Americans in this village and they treated us royally-beer, wine and everything at pre war prices or should I say pre-American prices) Bar Sur Seine, Chaurce les Riceys, and many small villages not shown on the map. The day before Thanksgiving we were about ten miles from Molesme when we found that a part of the 36th Division was billited [sic] there for the night. As there was not