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-12- to the Red Cross Hotel. The doctor here pronounced it ptomaine poison and called for an ambulance from the hospital at Dijon. While here I saw Ernest Spiller. He was stationed here with an engineering regiment. I arrived at the hospital there late that night and the next morning I was put in the bed which was then being vacated by Lt. ___ from Farmville. I had known him at Hopewell. He had bee ordered to return to the States as he had a very serious wound in his elbow which would keep him out of further service. My stay here was one of quietude and starvation as I was given a liquid diet consisting chiefly of epsom salts. November 11th. Still in the hospital or should I say yet, for I have been everything else except still. Who can be on a day like this. My room is next to one of the main streets and such a celebration I have never heard. I cannot see what is going on but from the noise and what the nurses say everybody is happy, whistles blowing, bells ringing, people shouting, yelling, dancing and everybody kissing everybody else. Age or beauty is neither a hindrance nor an asset, just so two are together they are hugging and kissing. November 12th. The celebration lasted all day and night. I was awake listening to music and dancing on the streets all night long and the echoes are still drifting in. November 18th. I am getting an honorable discharge from the hospital today and thanks be to the powers that I have been ordered to return to my regiment. Since the Armistice most all casuals have