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Army of the United States of America To all who shall see these presents, greeting: This is to certify, that by the direction of the President and under the provisions of section nine of the act of Congress, approved May eighteen, nineteen hundred and seventeen, Daniel Kennedy Fuhrman First Lieutenant, Air Service Aeronautics, was honorably discharged from the military service in The United States Army at Air Service Flying School, Carlstrom Field, Florida on the eleventh day of February, 1919. Thomas W Wean Lt.Col. J.M.A., A.S., M.A. Commanding. Form No. 525-2 A.G.O. 3---6652 Washington D.C. May 16 [illegible] Paid 60 under Act of Congress, approved February 24th 1919. C.[illegible] Major, Q.M. Corp.