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5 No 12 Jack a black man about 41 years of age, about 5 feet 5 1/2 inches high, streight and well made, with a small scar Immediately under his left eye, and also one on the back of his wright hand below the thumb, and a small spot in the white of his whright eye - was liberated by Mathew Robertson in the State of Ohio on the 16 day of November 1813. A copy granted this 27th day of Novem'r 1815 agreeable to an order of court this day made. Hy J Tapp DC

In the Clerk's office of August county, February the 13th 1816

No. 13 Ren.d 28th Octo 1823 } Tobias Vena a black man about five feet 4 or 5 inches high about 29 years of age, has lost his upper fore tooth, has a small scar in his right Eyebrow & another small scar in the left Temple resembling a pockmark. Certified to be free born and served an apprenticeship; by Wm. Broadus jr. Clerk of Culpeper Court the 22nd day of July 1812.

No. 14 Daniel Cooper a man of yellow complexion, 25 years old, about Six feet high, with a scar under the right Eye; and has had the fourth finger of his right hand much injured by a cut. Certified to be free born.

No. 15. Eliza Cox a bright yellow woman, 22 years of age, about five feet 7 inches high, has a small scar in the forehead, a large Scar of the right arm below the elbow and a very visible black mole in her right hand; certified to be free born.