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No. 452

Registered in this office, in pursuance to an order of the court of Augusta County. Entered on the 23rd day of June 1858.

Henry Blair, aged 55 years of dark complexion, a scar on the left eye - the finger next to the small one on left hand, five feet 9 3/4 inches high and was emancipated by Samuel and William Mantiply by deed dated the 28th day of November 1855 and of record in the Clerk's office of Augusta County Court. Given under my hand this 29th day of June 1858. Copy Deld [delivered] at date Jefferson Kinney cck

No 453 The following registers were Directed by an order of the County Court of Augusta. Entered on the 26th day of July 1858. Betsey Curtis, aged 40 years of light Mulatto color, five feet four inches high. Slight scar on left cheek & right Eyle brow & on left foot 453 Margaret Curtis aged twenty years of black color, five feet seven inches high. Scar on upper & left wrist. 454 George Curtis aged Twenty years of Light Mulatto Color - no marks or scars perceptible 455 William Curtis aged seventeen years of Light Mulatto complexion. Scar on left side of neck & on left hand and on back of right hand. 456 John Curtis, aged Five years, of dark Mulatto Complexion, no Marks or Scars perceptible. 457 Mary Curtis aged Fourteen years of light Mulatto complexion No Marks or scars perceptible 458 Benjamin Curtis. aged Nine years of light Mulatto complexion no Marks or Scars perceptible. 459 Smith Howard Curtis aged five years of dark Mulatto complexion no Marks or Scars perceptible 460 Elizabeth, aged two years, of light Mulatto complextion, No Marks or Scars perceptible But these registers are without leave to remain in This Commonwealth. Given under my hand this 2" day of August 1858. John D. Imboden Clk. Copies del.d to J Marshall Melon August 2d 1858.