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Head Quarters 3d Ind Lebonen Ky Jan 15th /64 Dear Bro - thinking prehaps you would like to know whear I am and how I am getting along. I thought I would hastly pen you a few lines, Last Tuesday morning we took up our line of march for this place their being four Companys of us. we marched through in one day (30 miles) and a more tired set of Boys you never seen. I was just about gov up, my knapsack was very heavy, haveing Two Blanketts, besides many other things too tedious to mention. This is the first march I have had, and I think we all learned a leason, in regard to how much we Can Carry, on our backs. from Sun up till Sun down. it was right diverting to See the Boys walking the next morning, they complained of being string halt, some the spavin, and many other Horse disease, I presume they thought they was Horses, or they could not have stood what they did. They are now However all right now and ready for another march, and I presume we will get it soon. We was ordered here for the purpos of organiseing a Brigade, to March through to Knoxville. Just as soon as this Can be done we will start our marching orders came very unexpected, for we could not think that we would be pulled out of our warm and comfortable quarters and sent out

[written sideways at top of page] will you please Call at the Ohio House East of State House about a Square, and get a Book I sent their and deliver to Marion Vawter it is addressed to you and him or either of you T F