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Richmond, Virginia November 6, 1913.

Dr. Edwin A Alderman, Saranac, New York.

Mr dear Dr. Alderman:

At the request of Dean Page and Mr. Hundley, I went last Monday to the University for a conference with regard to the special university bulletin as to a coordinate college. After considerable conference, it was decided to publish this bulletin about December 15th. Personally, I feel very strongly that the issuance of this bulletin will greatly strengthen the efforts of those especially interested in the establishment of this college. We do no wish to go into Legislature without some expression of interest and sympathy by those in authority at the University, since the matter has been under consideration for the past two years. As you know, we have refrained from all active propaganda, awaiting the publication of this bulletin, which through various unfortunate circumstances has been delayed up to this time. It seems now, however, that the bulletin can be gotten out, since Mr. Maphis, Dr. Lambert and Professor Stone are all ready to furnish their contributions. We have suggested that the letters which Mr. Gordon wrote during the campaign two years ago would furnish a basis for his contribution, and therefore make his labor light. The matter seems now to hang upon the preparation by you of your article. Mr. Maphis reported that you said that you would prepare an article if the bulletin was decided upon. I am, therefore, writing personally to ask that you will, if possible, get this into shape at the earliest possible moment, since the having of this article in hand will materially assist in securing the contributions from others.

I am enclosing you a copy of a letter which President Wilson was interested enough to write in regard to this college. I think it very significant that