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COPY 503 E. Grace St., Richmond, VA., Nov. 6, 1917.

Dr. E. A. Alderman, University, Va.

My Dear Dr. Alderman:

I am in receipt of a letter from Professor Thornton, to which letter I have replied fully, after further conference with the friends here. We all feel that it is most important we have a conference here in Richmond of yourself and the University and Charlottesville Committees, and the friends here most interested as early next week as is practicable. We think this should be done before a final decision is reached, which, of course, must be done very promptly now. Will you not, therefore, arrange, if possible, to come here with the University Committee for full discussion and decision? Such a meeting could be held on Friday evening if more convenient to you gentlemen. It does seem that in a matter of so much importance as this, our final decision should be the results of the wisest counsels, the best thought, and the frankest discussion between us all.

With cordial good wishes, I am Sincerely yours,