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Staunton Alumni together for the purpose of taking action on the question--as a body. A good many of them have signed our petitions individually--some have declined to--and upon investigation it may seem better not to call a meeting. I shall leave that to the judgement of the Alumni who favor the Coordinate College. Will you not send me at once the form of petition and recommendation--I have used and returned mine--though Mrs. King--and kept no copy and a search for ours from others to whom they have been sent might prove futile. I shall let you know later in the week what I have been able to do. I shall sign my letter to the 10th District representatives as Chairwoman of the District -- otherwise they would have no weight -- but I think it is entirely too late to attempt any concerted appeal throughout the district. I am greatly pleased with the progress of the cause and I congratulate you most heartily, Sincerely yours, James Selman Alexander (Mrs. John A. Alexander)