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J. A. Alexander Attorney at Law Staunton, Va.

1310 North Augusta Street, Staunton, Virginia, December 13, 1915 My dear Mrs. Munford, I am returning the list of Staunton sympathizers with the co-ordinate college with some corrections. There has been a change of administrations at Stuart Hall, Miss M. P. Duval and a part of her Family having gone to St. Hilda's Hall, Charlestown, W.Va., where I fear they can not help us in our Virginia College movement. Miss Jane C. Howard is now the Principal of Stuart Hall and has retained a good many of the old teachers. There are some other changes also and some errors which I have corrected. Please return this list or a duplicate if you decide to send out petitions this year. Mr. H. F. Opie told me that he had received the literature you sent and that he is in favor of the college so we have both Staunton newspapers on our side. I have had a talk with Mr. Herbert J. Taylor, new member of the House of Delegates and he is going to vote for the college. I have also interviewed Senator Jordan and he is heartily in favor of the co-ordinate college--would not oppose co-education at the University--and will vote for the bill if it does not carry with a heavy appropriation. He considers it important first to establish the principle and later the institution. I have not seen Mr. W. W. Sproul, our other Delegate, as he lives in the country. I do not know how he stands on this question.