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Judge Wythe had a yellow woman by the name of Lydia who lived with him as wife or Mistress as was quite common in this city fifty years ago with gentlmen of the olden time. By this woman he had a son named Mike who was not only fine looking but very intelligent & the Judge took great pleasure in educating him & made him an accomplished scholar. Growing old & needing some assistance in attending to his business Judge W. wrote for a nephew of his by the name of George Wythe Sweeney living in the county of Elizabeth City Va & he came & lived with him. He was treated very kindly & generously by his patron & the latter made a will bequeathing to Mike & this youth all of his property as co heirs. The fact of being placed on equal terms with this negro as he called him stung the proud spirit of Sweeney & he frequently spoke of it to my informant & his [often] youthful association & would [illegible] against him. The result of his brooding was a determination to kill Mike. For this purpose he put arsenic into the coffee on Sunday morning supposing that Mike certainly & probably Lydia would drink of it while the Judge as usual since he had been infirm in health would breakfast in his chamber. But unfortunately the old man for the first time for many weeks ate with the others at the table while Sweeny ate with a neighbor John Duval. The result was the death of the judge, Lydia, Mike & an old man who acted as gardener. The Judge lived until Wednesday & having reason to suspect Sweeny he destroyed the will & made another giving his property to two of his sisters. Sweeny was tried & convicted but the [charges?] of Edward Rudolph obtained a sentence of 12 months [illegible] &