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May it please your Excelcie: Whereas there was a Rumer of an Evil and Desperate design Contrived by the negroes, and ƒƒrank [Frank] a Negro belonging to Henry Gibbs in this County being suspected to be active therein was thereupon Imediately apprehended and Committed to the County Goal for a further Examinacon in the matter whers being Continued with a Guard for the better Secureing him and Several Evidences Sumond to appear and Declare their knowledge whose Testimonials herewith are sent your Excellency humbly praying your Excellence [page torn] and Direccons for further proceedings therein Dudley Digges Richard Whitaker Robert Hubberd William Cary, William [Rosser?] March 22d : 1693

To his Exclecy Sr. Edmd: Andros [several lines of deteriorated text]

[modern notation at top right] VlHMss3C3807a57