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[Page] 1 I am writing a few recollections of our country life before and during the Civil War, as they may be of some interest and our home was typical of many of that period.The farm has eight-hundred acres three miles from Fredericksburg Va. A simple framed house with a porch across the front and dormer windows, built where a terrace or hill with lovely flowers and shrubs. The servants quarters a short distance back where they had their little gardens and chickens and where we children delighted to visit and where on summer nights they sang their wonderful songs. My mother and our governess went to their cabins on Sunday afternoons and read the Bible and taught the children, A room in our house was devoted to the servants clothes, shelves were built on one side where rolls of cloth. linsey, woolsey and cotton was stored & Aunt "Silvia" our coloured seamstress sat in her high bright coloured turbans constantly at work [discouraging?] children's visits. When we went to town or to church we drove in the carriage drawn by two fat horses, at a leisurely pace with Uncle Harry on the box where he often [handed?] a great contrast to the auto of today. Occasional dinner parties [entertained?] us when the guests came early & stayed late.