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Articles of agreement made and entred into this Eleventh Day of June 1774 Between Charles Beale of Dunmore County in the Coloney of Virginia of the one part, and John Greathouse of the County and Coloney of the other part Witnesseth that the said Charles Beale and John Greathouse have this day entered into Partnership in order to carry on the Farming Business and mills to the best advantage, that says in the said great [illegible] power and the said Greathouse is to have one half of the profit arising from the said mills and one third of the produce of the plantation & the said Charles Beale is to find three working hands Viz, Jack, Pat & Beck, and the said Parties have agreed to find Horses sufficient to do the Business on the said Plantation and the said Charles Beale is to find all the Working [Ententials?] sufficient to carry on the said Business & if the said Greathouse should have [illegible] to hire hands on the said place he is to pay one third of the wages to the said [illegible], Likewise the said Greathouse is to find himself During the time of their partnership which is [illegible] to continue till the expiration of the lease which the said Beale has on the said mills and plantation and the said Greathouse shall be clear from all Expence & rents of the said place only such as is above mentioned; and for the true performances of each and every Article of this agreements the Parties hereby bind themselves to each other in the [Pennal?} sum of Two Hundred Pounds current money to be recovered by virtue of these presents, according to the true intent and meaning thereof, in Witness whereof we the said C. Beale & John Greathouse hath here unto set their hands and seals Signed and Delivered in the presence of Jos Bowman Isaac Bowman Charles Beale {Seal} John Greathouse {Seal}