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Know all men by those presents that me Elizabeth Haynes Tully Mosley & Denis Mosley of the County of Princes Anne and State of Virginia have bargained Sold, and by these presents do bargain sell and deliver unto Jesse Nalle of the County of Culpeper and state aforesaid, One Negro boy Known by the name of Cuffy aged fifteen years, for the valueable Consideration of three Hundred dollars to us paid, in hand, the receipt where of we do here by acknowledge, and we do hereby Oblige ourselves, our Heirs, Executors, or Administrators, to warrant and forever defend, the right to the said Jesse Nalle his Heirs, or Assigns, against the Claim or Claims of any person or persons whatsoever in witness whereof we here unto set our hands and seales this the 2d day of October one thousand eight hundred and thirteen Elizabeth Haynes (Seal) Tully Moseley (Seal) Dennis Moseley (Seal) Teste Birkett G Johnston Received in full for all bonus notes on accounts