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3 with Peter Link do you believe his pecuniary affairs were in such situation as to have enabled him to have paid Mathias Link in the year 1808 £75-10-9 with out he had paid it out of the money he got from Peter Hanger on account of the sale of the said tract of Land? Answer - From what I know and believe of his circumstances it strikes me as my impression that he would not have been able to have paid it - he had hard [illegible] a long by the sweat of his brow to maintain a large family Question by Defts atto - Did not Peter Link about the time he sold the tract of land to Hanger purchase a tract of land from Beard and make him the first payment in a Team? Answer - I have some recollection that he did - Question by same - Did you act as a referee in fixing the value on that team? if so what was the price fixed on it? Answer - I have some recollection that I was one of the referees, but as to the price fixed on I can not now say - Question by same - Had not Link acquired that Team by his own exertion, and without the aid of any payment which he had received from Hanger? Answer - A part of it he had acquired by his own exertion I know and my general impression is that he had a Team that he had acquired without the assistance of any person - and further this deponent saith not James Allen

John Crawford (Major) having been also duly sworn deposeth and saith being interrogated as follows -