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4 Question by Defts atto - Will you state how long you have been acquainted with Peter Link, and what is his character for integrity? Answer - I have been acquainted with him I believe ever since he was eighteen years of age - he has done work for me as a Blacksmith and I never heard any thing to the Contrary but that he was a man of integrity - and I believe that is his general Character - Question by Defts agent - From your knowledge and acquaintance with Peter Link do you believe his pecuniary affairs were in such situation as to have enabled him to have paid Mathias Link in the year 1808 £75-10-9 without he had paid it out of the money he got from Peter Hanger on account of the sale of the said tract of land? Answer - That I know nothing about and further this deponent saith not John Crawford

Moses Grisham having been also duly sworn deposeth and saith being interrogated as follows - Question by Defts atto, Mr Grisham I wish you to state whether you did not receive a distributive share of a negro girl purchased by John Link, formerly owned by David Link, If so what was the amount of it, and was not Peter Link entitled a similar distribution? Answer - In consequence of my intermarriage with David Links' sister I received my proportionate share - the amount as well as I recalled was between seventeen and eighteen dollars - and I suppose that Peter Link was also intitled to the like sum, or distributive share - John Link did