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6 Question by Defts atto - In your former deposition I see you do not appear to have recollected that the article of agreement between Mathias Link Senr and Peter Link the Deft here; was placed in your possession, by the contracting parties or either of them - If you recollect any thing on that subject now, please relate it? - Answer - I do not now recollect any thing different from what I before stated in relation to that matter - Question by same - If such an article had been placed in your possession, and the contract between the parties had been fully complied with, on the part of each would you have conceived it improper to have given up that instrument to either of them? Answer - If both had applied and signified to me that the contract was complied with I would have delivered up the contract to either, or if one had applied bringing a note from the other stating that the contract had been complied with, I would have delivered it up - other wise I would not - I should have required some formalities - Question by same - How long have you known the Deft Peter Link, and what is his general character for integrity? Answer - I have known Peter Link ever since I settled here - forty odd years, he was then a boy - and I never heard his character impeached - I always considered him a good neighbour, and a most excellent and faithful blacksmith - Question by same - Is your memory as good for the last few years as it was formerty [formerly]?