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7 Answer - I dare not assert that it is - and further this deponent saith not Wm Wilson

Peter Hanger Senr having been also duly sworn deposeth and saith being interrogated as follows - Question by Defts atto - Did you in consequence of your intermarriage with the sister of David Link become entitled to a distributive share of the piece of a negro girl, purchased by John Link, if so what was the amount, was you paid the same by John Link, and was not Peter Link entitled to a similar distribution? Answer - When David Link died, by consent of his father I administered on his estate - I sold the negro girl to Mathias Link Senr at public auction - at his (Mathias) death the negro girl by consent of the heirs was left with the widow of the said Mathias - the girl was then sold after the death of the old woman at auction, and John Link purchased her, and paid me five pounds some shillings as my proportion - and of course I should supposed that if I was entitled to a share Peter Link was also - Question by same - Do you know any thing of Peter Links owning a waggon and Team about the time you purchased the land from Peter Link, which he had purchased from his father Mathias Link Senr decd? Answer I know that he had a waggon and horses at the time I purchased the land - I let him have a horse myself in part pay for the land -